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What are Type Beats?

A "Type Beat" is a rap beat that sounds similar to a well-known hip-hop artist. The instrumental is designed so that the type beat could easily come from the album of the respective artist.

Type beats enjoy great popularity, as current trends or just successful artists can be emulated. An artist can also use type beats to express what kind of beat he is interested in. When a rapper says to his producer, "I'd like an instrumental that sounds like Travis Scott type beats, Drake, Meek Mill etc.", he knows what kind of beat he has to produce.

Some would say that the creativity is lost by copying beats. This is were we totally agree. You should never just copy a beat, but understand what the beat is about. Which emotions does it convey, what instruments are used and why....Making type beats is more like making a beat package you would send to a certain rapper. You would name that beat pack like the rapper, but the beats inside are all very unique itself. They would just fit to the flow and tempo of the rappers lyrical impression.

How to rap to beats?

If you have been diligent so far, you have thought about your image, have backed up your basic equipment and have already written some of your own texts, it is time to train your rhythm.

You can be very talented linguistically and write the very best lyrics in the world, but what you will really need is your flow and the skill to convey your emotions to an audience. A good way to start is to find the lyrics of your favourite rap songs and try to memorize them and learn how to rap them on different beats.

Listen to an instrumental beat you find in our beat player and try to develop a sense of rhythm in order to rap well. Focus on the snare. 2 snares are a rap line. If you know how the beat works, you've already done half the work. Now it is your task to write your own text. A rap text should be written in such a way that the word you want to rhyme on, hits the snare. Of course you can vary it a bit, but it's just about the basics. If you really want to dig deep into this topic I would recommend checking out some videos on youtube about how to write lyrics and on developing your own rap flow.

How to find the best beats?

Question is: what are exactly the best beats for your rap songs? I would try to find out which Bpm (Tempo of the beat) is the tempo you are familiar with. You can find out about the exact bpm of rap songs on google. If you happen to rap to youtube beats all the time you can also pay attention to what bpm the beats are you mostly like. Now that you have found out your bpm range it is way easier to pick beats. Simply scroll though our beatstore and look at the numbers next to the beat titles. Another way to see if a beat suits you is to look at the beat tags and see if they contain rapper names you like such as Logic, Drake type beats, Travis Scott etc... .

What license should I buy?

This really depends on how far in your rap career you have come, what kind of quality you want to produce and where you want to upload your song.

Standard Lease:  If you are just beginning to rap I would try out a free beat first. You will get 10 free beats by subscribing to our mailing list on the main website. After you practiced with this demo file, which you can upload, to get feedback from likeminded rappers (non-profit upload only, credit must be given (prod. Kyu Tracks), you can now start recording on a better quality file. Your option would be the Standard Lease.

Premium Lease: If you already developed your own flow and wrote some lyrics before you can either go with a Standard or a Premium Lease. I would pick the Premium lease if you are planning on selling 10k units or if you also want to do live shows in your area or radio airplay. However, in each way, credit always has to be given like: (prod. Kyu Tracks). Another difference is the quality of the file you get. With a standard lease you will get a good quality mp3 file, but with a Premium Lease you will have a wav file, which enables your mixing engineer or yourself to mix and master it in a better way.

Unlimited Lease: If you already have a small following or are an established artist, you should go for the unlimited Lease. It gives you the right to monetize the Song on Youtube, do unlimited shows, radio airplay etc... . You will also get the Trackouts (seperated tracks) of the beat so that your engineer can mix it accordingly. This option is for professional artists, who really want to invest in themselves and gather and audience. Credit also has to be given to Kyu Tracks (prod. Kyu Tracks)

If you need exclusive rights you can always make an offer using the store. Let´s negotiate.

Sales Cap – How many units of my rap song can I sell?

I do have different leasing options as mentioned above. You can either choose the Standard Lease (5k Sales cap), Premium Lease (10k sales cap) or the unlimited Lease (no sales cap).

Youtube Monetization – Am I allowed to run ads?

This feature is only available with an unlimited license. With the Standard and the Premium License you can only upload to Youtube, but without monetizing the song. It is very important to not do so, because the beats are protected and my network will claim if you do falsewise.

Free Beats – How to use a beat for free?

I wil make all my beats available for free from time to time. You will get a tagged beat and you can try out how it will sound like if you would record a song on it. You can also upload it as long as you are not going to make any money and by giving credit (prod. Kyu Tracks). If the song ever happens to blow up you can upgrade by simply buying a license.

Where to download Free Beats?

You can get 10 free beats by subscribing to my mailing list. 

Are your rap beats for sale?

My rap beats are for sale every few months. You can save a few bucks by following me on my social media channels and subscribing on my mailing list. This way you will get informed as soon as my hip hop beats are for sale. 

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