Drake type rap beats for Songs!

Drake is a rapper from Canada. He is also a R&B singer and actor. Some people are used to call him Drizzy, which is his psedonym. Drake was born in 1986 as Aubrey Drake Graham in Toronto.

When Drake was about 15 years old he was discovered by an acting agent. In 2001 he got his first role as an actor in the Degrassi youth series: The Next Generation.

Drakes rapping career started in 2006, when he released a series of mixtapes. Early in his carreer you alredy noticed that he is using very unique beats. Which is adding to the Drake type beats hype. Little later he got to record a song with Trey Songs, which was presented as the „Joint Of The Day“ by the television station BET. However it did not help him to get a record deal, so he remained un-signed. This did not stop him from putting out more mixtapes and remixes. He even got himself well known supporters like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West. A few years later his first hit was released. „Best I ever Had“ became a huge success in the United States and resulted in a bidding match between certain major lables. Two of them were „Cash Money Records“ and „Young Money Entertainment“.

Drake`s best Instrumentals!

Just a few years into his career, mega-star Drake made it clear that his music has nothing to do with traditional rap. He was one of the first to have an open approach to emotions, rapping about his failed relationships and processing them in a healthy manner. In „Nice For What“ you can clearly see that his view on women is different to what you normal see in the rap industry. His video clips and songs are not about nudidity or degrading women. They are about succesful, strong women from the media industry. He is doing it with such a confidence that he is one of the most consumed musicians, with about 5 million streams per year. Feel free to buy our type beats online!

You probably know him from songs like: God`s Plan, In My Feelings, Non-stop, Nice For What, Hold On, We´re Going Home, Hotline Bling, Sicko Mode.

What are Drake type beats?

Drake has a very unique taste, when it comes to picking beats. The beats in the store are handpicked and do also have their own style. In no way they are just copies of Instrumentals Drake likes to use, but they are instrumentals we would send to him, if he would make a new album. Also these beats are up to date and match today`s industry standards. Labelling them as Drake type beats just means that we make it easier for you to categorize them. We also have a topic about Travis Scott type beats

How to rap on drake type beats?

Rapping on Drake type beats is can be easier than on other beats, because of the slightly slower Tempo/Bpm. However it is crucial to develope your own style and to concentrate on the message and story of the rap song and not just on the flow of your lyrics. If you want to get noticed if my drake type beats are for sale you can sign up for my newslater and get notified.

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