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Download 20 Free Rap Beats!

You want to download free rap beats before purchasing or just want to have some fun? This is for you! You can use these beats for free (non-profit only) as long as you give credit (prod. Kyu Tracks). Let's make music!

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Are your free beats really free?

A free beat refers to a rap beat that you can download for free, use for free, and upload it wherever you want as long as you don't make any money! This also means that you can't monetize on Youtube. 

Often times beat producers claim songs with their trap beats, which is normal. This does not mean that you got a copyright strike, so as long as you don't file a dispute there won't be a problem.

How to use our instrumentals!

  • pick a trap beat you like and make a song with it. If you are a content creator looking for background music, then please contact us first! 
  • After you have made your song with our free instrumental you can upload it on free platforms like Youtube (no monetization), Soundcloud (no monetization), or mixtape sites
  • It is very important to give credit when you are using a free rap beat. All you have to do is to mention in the description, who the producer is. This beat was produced by (Producername).

How to start with your first beat?

For many years I am advising upcoming rap artists on how they should start using their first beats. The common strategy is to keep the cost low while spending money on advertisements so you can build your fanbase first, before spending too much money on trap beats.

So at first I would only use free beats to create rap songs. Afterwards it is important to upload your song to a few platforms like Youtube or Instagram with a nice video. As soon as you notice that your song gets enough recognition it is time to actually purchase beats to improve your quality!

Where can I get beats for free?

There are many ways to find out where to get beats for free! The best way in my opinion is to follow your favorite producers on Youtube and whenever they upload a new beat they will also share a download link in the video description of that video!

Another great way of finding beats is to use beat websites like beatstars. Beatstars is a platform for producers to show and sell their beats. You can find a chart system on this website, which helps a lot to find trending trap beats!

If you prefer using google you could also try to search for your type of beat that you are currently looking for! You could search for anything like: Free Dark Trap Beats, Free Trap Instrumentals, Free Freestyle Beats, Free Piano Rap Beats, Free Guitar type beats, I think you got the point!